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Letter of Support for Grant Proposals
In an effort to strengthen the infrastructure and research in all areas of microscopy in Texas, the Texas Society for Microscopy (TSM) will support grant proposals of members with a letter of support signed by the president.
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The Microscopy Society of America

MSA Tutorials DVD Library A Guide to Microscopy and Microanalysis on the Internet Microscope Master -- Microscope reviews and research

The Microbeam Analysis Society

SCANNING -- The Journal of Scanning Microscopies

WWW Virtual Library: Microscopy

WebElements -- The Periodic Table on the World Wide Web

The Cell: An Image Library™ is a freely accessible, easy-to-search, public repository of reviewed and annotated images, videos, and animations of cells from a variety of organisms, showcasing cell architecture, intracellular functionalities, and both normal and abnormal processes. The purpose of this database is to advance research, education, and training, with the ultimate goal of improving human health.

Petr’s Microscopy Resources -- Dr. Petr Schauer’s links from the Institute of Scientific Instruments at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Brno, Czech Republic. -- the English version of a German site maintained by Frank Eggert, a sr. software scientist with EDAX in Berlin.  This site has a wealth of information about all forms of electron-beam analysis.

Oklahoma Microscopy Society -- this page has some handy links about halfway down

Introduction to Digital Imaging -- SWEHSC’s Digital Imaging pages.  Much good information on the hardware, software and ethics of digital imaging and manipulation. 

Imaging and Microscopy -- On-line portal for Imaging and Microscopy in R&

Microscopy and Analysis -- “Furthering the Interests of Microscopy Worldwide”

Electronic Devices Failure Analysis Society (EDFAS) homepage

SRIM - The Stopping and Range of Ions in Matter by James F. Ziegler, Ph. D.

The Southeastern Microscopy Society

The Central States Microscopy and Microanalysis Society

The Royal Microscopy Society

The National Society for Histotechnology

Texas Society for Histotechnology

Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists

Forensic Science Technician Net :  list of every school that offers a forensic science technician program in the US

Biotech Industry Supplier Registry:  Manual compilation of biotechnology and life sciences suppliers enabling buyers to easily source manufacturers of biotechnology equipment for cell biology, cell culture, genomics, proteomics and more. Site includes new projects, free magazines, jobs, news and events. this website describes the research and industrial uses of each of the elements, as well as over 200 nanoparticles and isotopes, which are discussed and characterized with applications. There are also special sections, such as on fuel cells and ultra high purity materials.